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Market demand of single head and twin-head pipe bending machine

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Update time : 2019-10-18 15:38:54

The difference between the single-head bending machine and the double-head bending machine is that the single-head bending machine can only bend one R at a time, and the double-head bending machine can bend out two R at the same time.
Compared to the single head hydraulic pipe bender, the twin head bender is more efficient.
However, the double-head bending machine can't bend for the larger pipe. In the furniture industry, we can see the double-head hydraulic pipe bending machine everywhere. As long as this furniture manufacturer is processing the pipe, we will have our pipe processing equipment. Products, furniture industry, due to the small diameter of the pipe, but also mostly iron pipe, seamless pipe, elbow requirements are not too high, the technical difficulty is not too big. Therefore, we generally recommend this equipment, but in some boiler processing enterprises, sports equipment manufacturers, it is rare to see the double-head hydraulic pipe bending machine, because this industry is large for the diameter of the pipe, double-headed Hydraulic pipe bending machine cannot make the bending job, so we recommend single-head pipe bending machine, hydraulic pipe bender, automatic pipe bending machine.
Every product is launched in this market. As technology becomes more developed, our products are upgraded with the needs of the market and the advancement of technology. It is a good thing for customers to have a good thing. More products of course means more choices, and what kind of processing equipment is needed by the company, we can meet the market demand one by one.
Zhongwan can make customized pipe processing machinery which is more suitable for clients’ requirement. To meet the needs of each industry, the machine is more humane, the service is more humanized, in order to repay the society's love for us.